Calcium (also known as Ginny, Ninny or Peter's Peg) is an element, and one of the most important known to mankind. A white solid in its primary form, calcium is found throughout nature and in industry in each of its three forms; calcium, intelligent calcium and industrial calcium.

Molecular StructureEdit

The calcium molecule contains a triple helix and is based on a semi-permanent structure of four electrons supporting three protons. The protons feed electrical information to the central queen atom, which is vital to the structure of the molecule. Without the queen atom at the centre, the entire structure would collapse causing the Helvetica Scenario.


Calcium (symbol Ca) has a valency of 1 and an atomic weight of 44. Natural calcium is a white solid and is insoluble in water, for the simple reason that if it was, man could not process foods. It also perspires, so after any period of transit, a large quantity of water will have formed, which must be removed. Calcium does not conduct electricity; however, it can be made to, by reacting pure calcium with sodium chloride to create calcium chloride (a conductor).

Ca + NaCl → CaCl + N2O

This reaction takes place in a bessleheim plate. A nine volt battery and a small bulb are used to show the passage of electricity Not shown in the equation is the production segnomin (symbol Sg) which leaks out from the bulb.

When burnt, calcium produces calcium oxide as a vapour:

Ca + O2 → CaO

It is also important to never give any calcium to a gypsy .

Uses and PracticesEdit

Calcium has a variety of uses, many of which are very important to humans.

In NatureEdit

Perhaps its most important function is in human teeth, which are made of calcium. It is therefore integral to human survival, as without calcium, man would be unable to process food and would starve.

Calcium also occurs in a second natural form, intelligent calcium. In liquid form, calcium is known as milk.


In ReligionEdit

In the Jewish religion, it is forbidden to have milk and meat at the same meal. Foods containing dairy products are known as Milchig (or מילך‎).

In IndustryEdit

Industrial calcium from the Holdwick Park Refinery is used to write with in the form of calcium nibs and is also used in calcium lenses. In its industrial form, calcium is an opaque brown jelly, which is very difficult to produce. Calcium also has many uses in manufacturing; it is used in adhesives and in strengthening bridges and windows. Finally, calcium was pivotal in the development of Imsimil Berati-Lahn.

In EntertainmentEdit

Main article: Calcic Image Misplacement

The reaction between helium and calcium has been used by magicians for centuries to simulate levitation. Helium gas can cause the image of pure calcium, but not its physical substance, to move independently, creating an invisible 'platform' of calcium for an object to rest upon.

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